Apr 19, 2011

Singapore Zoo with Daddy

Singapore Zoo was so awesome that girls decided they need to take Daddy there too. So, here we are again at Singapore Zoo and this time with Daddy.

シンガポール動物園がとてもすばらしかったので、ガールズが「ダディを連れて行く!」というわけで、シンガポール動物園 withダディです。

This time, Daddy is the camera person and we have better picture of animals.


We watched elephant show! It was really cool to see elephants doing many tricks!!


We got to feed the giraffs too! It was really exciting for Ellie to hold carrot sticks and let giraffe eat off of her hand. JuJu was a little too scared, but she tried with the help from her sister and Mommy.


Noah didn't even get close to the giraffes at all. So, Mommy had to hold him to get picture taken.


With Zebras.


With big snake! It was way bigger than anyone!!


Since Ellie was a cheetah on her school performance, she was really excited to see the real cheetah. Unfortunately it was their nap time and we only got to see them from the glass, it was good enough for her.


Inside of the zoo, there was a water splashing area for little kids. This time, it was open (last time we were there, it was closed...) So, kids quickly changed into swim suits and went playing. They were having so much fun there and it was nice for us to rest a little and watch them play.


We played so hard all day long, so kids were tired by the time we were about to leave. This is Julia throwing a fit but basically saying "I am too tired to do anything!"


At this point, she does not use words, but it is obvious what she is trying to tell us.
"I am not walking anymore."
"You need to carry me."

「もう歩きたくない!」 「だっこ~!!」

As we are walking out of the gate, we got to have a family picture taken with the pretty birdies. Ellie got to hold the bird. She was so happy!


Oh, did you notice we were missing someone? Well, this is why we were missing Noah.


We had so much fun at the zoo!


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