Apr 12, 2011

Singapore Zoo with Samara

Ellie and Julia's Singapore friend, Samara invited us to the zoo. Singapore Zoo is famous on "open concept" having less cages and gates so that animals can naturally and freely move around. We were really excited to see all the animals!


We met Sarama at the zoo and went in. The first thing kids liked was the cow in front of Ben and Jerry's...

動物園前でSamaraと待ち合わせて、いざ動物園へ。そして、まず、子供達がおきに召したのは、Ben & Jerry's(アイスクリーム屋さん)の前にあった牛たち…。

There are so many different animals there and kids were so excited!


Orangutans area was awesome. Of course there is no cage so orangutans were freely climbing up the trees. Noah was looking up the trees staring at orangutans.


We got to ride on the elephant too!This was one of kids' favorites!!


Unfortunately, kids water splashing area was under maintenance and was not open. We will have to come when it is open. But kids had a fun time even without it. Thanks to Samara and Cheryl (and of course Lizzy) for the fun day!!


As we walked out of the park, there was an ice cream promotion and Ben & Jerry's were distributing ice creams for free. Of course kids had to get it...


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