Apr 25, 2011

Turtle Park

One beautiful thing about visiting somewhere even it was an evacuation trip from earthquake and radiation is that we make great friends! Cheryl is one of my wonderful friends I met in Singapore and she has been helping us a lot. Girls became really good friends with Samara. Cheryl and Samara (and Lizzy of course) has taken us to the zoo the other day. They have been showing us around a lot and it has been so much fun hanging out with them.


They took us to the Turtle park this time. The turtle park was right in the Chinese Garden. We got to see nice Chinese Pagoda too.


There were so many turtles in there. There were several big turtles, but there were sooooo many little ones and these little ones started coming towards us as soon as we started feeding them. It was almost scary.


These little Buddha were also inside of the turtle park. It was cute that kids blended in the Buddha, especially Noah being so chubby just like these Buddhas.


Here's Noah on the turtle.


After the turtle park, we played a little bit at the Chinese Garden also. We had a wonderful time!


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