Apr 21, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

We visited Universal Studio Singapore in Sentosa Island. Since they have been seeing Shrek's castle from Harbour Point, they were so excited that they actually got to visit Shrek's castle.



Of course first thing they wanted to see is Shrek's castle.


We tried to visit Shrek's swamp, but when they tried to open the door, it was locked and Shrek yelled at them.


Kids had a lot of fun with bunch of rides.


It was such a hot day just like regular Singapore days. We were sweating so badly while waiting for the rides. Just like regular days when he gets tired, here's Noah's strike saying, "I don't want to do anything anymore!!"


The park was built compact, so it was easier for us to move around one place to the other. We visited on weekday, but it was still a lot of people there. But we got to ride on pretty much everything we wanted. So, it was really good.

Towards the end of the day, lines for the rides were getting smaller and smaller. We rode on Mummy ride right before we left the park. Normally it is at least 80 to 120 minutes wait for the ride, but it was dead empty and we went straight to the ride. I even got lost on the way to the ride going through all the roped path... And sure enough, the ride was sooooo scary (and fun). I have to say we were really lucky that we didn't have to wait at all. Mike and I both enjoyed sooooooo much!!!



We had so much fun at Universal Studio. Kids had a blast time!!


We ate at Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa on the way home. Well, that was our only choice without a long wait since we were starving. Kids ate whole a lot!!


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