May 3, 2011

Last Days in Singapore

Cannot believe it is already time for us to leave Singapore. We made such good friends and they were so nice to us. We will never forget our stay in Singapore.


Since we stayed such long time in our apartment, we became good friends with Sara, the security lady. She was there almost every day and we would see her all the time. She was the one who rescued JuJu when she when down in the elevator alone. (We had the door open so long and it decided to close and JuJu was the only one happened to be in the elevator...) She gave kids so many gifts. Everyone LOVED her!!


Mecham family helped a lot while we were in Singapore. They are the one who welcomed us on day 1 of our Singapore visit and they invited us to the activities all the time. Thanks so much!!


And our wonderful friends, Cheryl, Samara, and Lizzy! On our last outing together, we went to Kidz Amaze!

そして、シンガポールでとても仲良しになった、お友達!最後に一緒に、Kidz Amazeへ行きました。

They have a huge maze for kids. Everyone just went in and played hard! Noah was taking a nap first and he was grumpy getting woken up, but he eventually joined in and played hard too!


Thank you everyone for the wonderful memories! We love you all!!


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