Apr 11, 2011

Noah says...

Since we got to Singapore, Noah's English is getter better.


"Noah No toabomekaa (troublemaker), Daddy toabomekaa. Noah NO toabo!"

Pointing at Daddy's or Mommy's iPhone, "Noah i-tone (Noah's iPhone) Noah need it bat (back)!!"

At the traffic intersection, "Wed, tao top! Dween, Go!!" (red, cars stop, green, cars go.)

He tries to feed us by sticking his snack into Mommy or Daddy's mouth, "Eat it!"

We got into the taxi one day and Noah said to Daddy, Daddy tu-pid (Which Daddy thought that Noah was questioning his intelligence, but it was Daddy too big.)

After Daddy puts the kids in the tub and gets a little wet because of Noah. Noah will tell daddy that he is "Daddy dirty, dirty pants" Meaning that your pants are wet (from me! hahehe)

Trying to say a prayer, "Dea... Hea..... Fa.... ......food ..... Mommy Daddy........ Jesus Jesus Amen!!"

When Mommy and Daddy are talking, "Mommy, Daddy, shhhhhhh!"

He is a punk, but certainly a cute little punk!

This is Noah sleeping. He was watching TV, but fell asleep on the coffee table...


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