Feb 21, 2009

Hinamatsuri Dolls

March 3 is Hinamatsuri (Girls' Day) in Japan. Since we have 2 girls, we decided to decorate our house with traditional Japanese dolls. A little late to bring out, but we still have over a week and I think it is ok.

I remember I had 3 layered one when I was little. The girls only has first layer, but they are really beautiful. They even have their name written down in stylish wooden plates. (Ellie on right, Julia on left) Girls love their dolls.


Now we have Noah this year for Boys' Day in May. We'll have to worry about his Samurai armor very soon...


Feb 14, 2009

Ellie's Valentine Cookies

Mommy and Ellie made valentine cookies together, while Daddy took Julia aka "the destroyer" out for errands, so we could make cookies peacefully. Our friend, Kacchan, joined us and we had fun making cookies.


Our friend, the Rich family, gave Ellie a baking set for her birthday awhile ago. Ellie didn't get to use it until now. She has her own cookie cutter, apron, measuring spoons, etc. She was really excited that she get to use almost all her stuff.

Rich家族からエリのお誕生日にいただいた、BED BATH & BEYONDの子供用クッキングセットを始めて使いました。エプロン、泡だて器、計量スプーン、クッキーカッター、ローリングピン、等々、全部小さめの子供サイズ。エリは自分だけのクッキングセットが使えることに大興奮です。

Mommy made cookie dough, and Ellie rolled out the dough and made bunch of heart-shaped cookies. During baking, Ellie sat in front of the oven and reported how cookies were every minute. Then, she decorated cookies with frosting and sprinkles.

These are the cookies that Ellie made. These cute sprinkles are gift from Papenfuss family. I thought heart sprinkles would be perfect, but Ellie wanted to do flower, butterfly, turtles, dolphins, and everything...


Of course she had to be the first one to taste. It seems she was satisfied with her work.


Feb 11, 2009

Daddy Daughters Date

February 11 is a national holiday in Japan. Daddy wanted to take the girls out for a date, and they went to Shinagawa Aquarium.


Girls were quite happy being with Daddy looking at the fish. They watched shows and had a lot of fun.


Feb 6, 2009

Noah 3 months

Noah is now 3 months and he is growing huge... Well, he started big to begin with. But he is growing like a weed (is what Daddy says) and I cannot even catch up. It is really sad to see my favorite boy outfit no longer fits him. I got so many cute outfits at my baby shower and so sad to put these cutest outfit away... This is one of my favorites from the baby shower.



Feb 3, 2009


February 3rd is Setsubun in Japan. We recognize this day as a beginning of spring and we perform a special ritual to get rid of evil spirit from our home, which is called Mamemaki (bean scattering).


Ellie and Julia made their own Oni which is a representation of evil spirit. Daddy wore the Oni that Ellie made and became Oni. And all of us threw beans at him. For cleaning purpose, Mommy was trying very hard not to throw too much beans, but girls didn't want to listen. I guess it was too much fun since they don't get to do that type of things too often.


These are Ellie and Julia's original Oni. Of course Ellie's Oni is in yellow, her favorite color. We tried to have Julia wear her own Oni, but she didn't want to (and we should not have forced her to...)


Feb 1, 2009

Girls with spoon

Lately girls like to play with their spoons during meals. Ellie started it and now Julia does the same. Right now, Julia wants to do everything her sister does. She learns good things as well as bad things from her sister... They do things together and giggle to each other.

This is Noah while girls are having fun together. He started smiling.