Sep 26, 2009


Again this summer, we had Ellie's school friends over to our house for BBQ. Regular crews, Kana-chan's family and Shu-kun's family were there to have fun with us.


Girls got together and decided to do princess party. Of course Shu-kun was not part of it. I guess it is a girls thing to do.


Sep 23, 2009

Ellie's Ballet Recital

Ellie's first ballet recital.


First, she was a child from Holland, and then she was a sunset fairy. I didn't think she could do this, but she did a good job. (Well, there are several small mess-ups but I think it's still ok...)

第一部では世界の子供というテーマで、オランダ人を、そして第2部では夕焼けの精を、立派に演じました。多少あれっ?と思う場面はありましたが、初めてにしては上出来でしょう。Many friends came to see Ellie dance. Ellie was so happy to see her friends after her recital. Treharnes, Emily, thank you soooo much!

お友達もたくさん観に来てくれて、とってもハッピーなエリでした。Sisterly love. (Hopefully) It seems that she understands she gets to do ballet just like Ellie when she turns 3.


Sep 22, 2009

Hatsudai Awaodori Festival

It was too bad that Annual Hatsudai (our neighborhood) Awaodori Festival happened to be on the same day with Ellie's ballet recital. We only got to join in the first day only.


This year was special for our girls because it was their first year that they were actually involved. Ellie and Julia had a special Matsuri (festival) costumes. They have been going to the Awaodori dance practices for awhile too.


Ellie liked her costumes and danced really well.

エリは、お着物が気に入った様子。張り切って踊っておりました。But Julia somehow did not like it and she refused to wear them correct way. So, Juju is all in red (and this is how she liked it...)

しかしながら、ジュリアはというと、着物の着付けがどうもお気に召さなかった様子。羽織の浴衣を断固拒まれ、結局真っ赤な姿になってしまいました。本人いわく、これがいいそうです…。そして、もちろん踊らず、終始だっこでした…。This is the Mikoshi.

そしてこちらが、お祭りの立派なお神輿です。Overall, girls had a lot of fun. They met friends along the way and had nice play time with them.


Sep 21, 2009

Respect for Elderly Day Outing

Respect for Elderly Day is a Japanese holiday. It was a gorgeous day and we went out to Nijuisseki No Mori To Hiroba Park with Jiji (Mom's uncle).


Girls were playing hard at the park. They played bubbles. They were having such a wonderful time there.

エリとジュリアは遊びまくり。シャボン玉、ボール遊び、と、忙しく駆け回りました。Noah was having fun there too. He walked around all over trying to catch up with the girls. He can walk now and he was already walking around.

ノアも忙しく動き回りました。芝生が気持ちよかったのか、一生懸命歩いてました。10ヶ月のノアですが、もう既に歩けます。(歩いている写真が撮れませんでしたが…)After playing at the park, we went to Jiji's house to have dinner with Hika and Baba. It was a fun outing day.


Sep 2, 2009

Model Pictures

Our children had photo shoot from their model agency last month, and it seems that the pictures are finally up on their web sites.


Ellie (エリ)
Julia (ジュリア)
Noah (ノア)

I'm not too happy about the result of their pictures this time. I thought there were cuter shots that they could have used. Oh, well.