Oct 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

Halloween this year. Ellie and JuJu became pumpkin and monkey.

On the 31st, they went Trick or Treating around our neighborhood. They got plenty of candies! (too much sugar...)

We had several Halloween events this year.

On Oct 20th, we had Halloween picnic at Yoyogi park. Ellie's friend, Kana-chan came! Ellie this time was a cat!


On, 27th was the Halloween party at the church. Ellie's friends, Rin-chan and Io-kun came!


Oct 28, 2007

Ellie's treasure

When Ellie goes to the park to play, she HAS TO find and pick up her treasures (and these are always leaves, rocks, garbage, etc...) Then she stuffs all her treasure into her little pocket, and bring them home. So, Mommy sometimes washes her treasure with her clothes.

By the way, these are her treasures.

Oct 22, 2007

Ellie shares raisins with Abigail

We went to CostCo with the Riches. Ellie and Abigail eating raisins together.

Oct 20, 2007

Ellie loves? to share

Whenever Ellie plays with something, JuJu wants to join. Ellie is being a good big sister (often not) and shares.

When Ellie does NOT want to share, she climbs up high so that JuJu cannot reach.


Oct 13, 2007

Palette Undokai

Today was Palette Undokai! Ellie ran with Sushi on her back. She also danced with Daddy. Daddy ran twice on the track. Our team was #2!! JuJu and Mommy cheered for Ellie and Daddy.


Oct 10, 2007

Julia being a bulldozer

JuJu crawls and moves around perfect now. She is almost ready to stand too. Stocker house has gates all over not only for Ellie but for JuJu too.