Feb 29, 2008

This is how you eat icecream!

Today, we went to dinner and Ellie found out that Daddy and Mommy are ordering something looks really good. Ellie treid to get some, but Daddy and Mommy ate pretty much everything. She didn't think that was fair. So, she decided to take the plate to clean up.

This is how you do it. (Oh, is Julia crying right by me? I don't care. This tastes good!)
Oh, that was YUMMY!!  おいしかった~♪

First Time at Playgroup in Hatsudai

Ellie and Julia joined in a playgroup nearby our home. Anthon's Mom, Shelley introduced to us and we did our trial today. Ellie and Julia had a lot of fun with everyone (or every toy). We think this will be something that we enjoy every Friday from now on.
Ellie and Anthon seemed to have a blast time with bunch of toys.

Feb 16, 2008

Ski Trip to Alts Bandai Resort

We went on a ski trip again with Ken. This time we went to Alts Bandai Resort in Fukushima. The resort was very nice and the snow condition was perfect. We certainly enjoyed riding on beautiful powder snow.

The senary from the top of mountain was beautiful. Ski was clear and we could see the beautiful Inawashiro lake below. And boys had too much fun going through the trees.

The resort had Onsen place and we all had a nice relaxing time. Ellie and Juila were having fun with the animal ride.

Feb 11, 2008

Ellie's Another Photo Shoot

Ellie had another photo shoot. This one is for a magazine. Of course she is acting like a professional model and getting her hair done.


Feb 7, 2008

Ellie's Photo Shoot

Ellie had a photo shoot today. You might have noticed that Ellie does modeling. Today's shoot was for a magazine. Ellie did the modeling for the same magazine when she was 6 months and they wanted Ellie to be a model again for them.
本日、エリのモデルのお仕事で逗子まで行きました。(遠かった・・・。)急なお仕事のお話だったので、ジュリアも一緒にいきました。このクライアントさんはエリが6ヶ月の時にもお仕事をしたことがあり、また声をかけていただきました。 今回は、ベビー雑誌でのお洋服の紹介です。

This is Ellie's first time getting her hair trimmed at modeling job (since she just started having hair.)

"I got my hair done and I'm ready for my closeups!"


Feb 2, 2008

Ski Trip with Ken

Mike's ski buddy, Ken was in town on business. So we decided to go on a little weekend ski trip to Kita Shiga Kogen in Nagano. We stayed at the hotel located right in the middle of Ryuo ski resort. We had plenty of snow and had so much fun. Ellie and Julia had fun time at the nursery place in the hotel. :-)
マイケルのスキー友達、Kenがペンシルバニアから来ていたので、みんなでスキーに出かけました。今回は、北志賀高原竜王スキー場へ。スキー場は大きくないのですが、託児施設があったのでここを選びました。 週末にもかかわらず託児施設は両日エリとジュリアで貸切でした。ただ、リフトが9時から始まっているのに託児が10時からしかあかないのがちょっと納得いかなかったかな。でも、みんなで楽しんできました。

Hotel was right in the middle of the ski slope. So we had to ride this snowcat to from the parking lot. Ellie had too much fun riding this car.

Ellie and Mommy went down the slope together. Ellie was not sure about this bunch of white stuff that is making her hands cold.

Mike and Ken had a lot of fun.