Feb 28, 2010

Family Ski Trip

Our annual ski trip to Altz. Well, last year, Noah was just born and we could not go, so we were looking forward to it.


This is Ellie on the way to her ski school.

This is Noah after dinner on day 2. He was too tired that he fell asleep during dinner.

On day 2, Girls had a fun time at the pool too.

On the last day, JuJu played in the snow while Ellie was in ski school.

This is Ellie and her ski school coach. Ellie was able to come down the hill all by herself.


Feb 23, 2010

School Skating Trip

Ellie's school had a skating trip. This is of course her first time skating. It was really nice that Cindi came along with her. It was challenging for Ellie, but Cindi helped her and Ellie enjoyed so much.


Feb 20, 2010

Great Powder

After many trial on ski resorts, I think we found the best powder resort close to Tokyo. Well, compare to Utah, I will probably have to say good enough powder place. We heard about this place from our dental hygienist, and we tried and was great. I think this will be one of our favorite & easy access resort in Japan.

Feb 11, 2010

Ellie's First Ski Experience

Winter time! Ski season!! This year Ellie turned 4, and we decided to have her try skiing for the first time.


This year, we tried day trip skiing (snowboarding). First place we tried was Saku Ski Garden Parada. This was really close to Tokyo, but snow condition was really bad. (Or I should say there is no snow.)

I guess it was a good one for Ellie's first trial though.


Feb 1, 2010

Ellie's School Presentation - Kodomokai

Elli's school had a presentation. Ellie started her new school in January and she has been there only for a month, but she did pretty good job on singing, playing music, and performing a skit.

Elllie was a sparrow in the skit. She memorized all the words and did a good job.

Ellie's old school friend and teacher.

This is one of Noah's great picture.