Mar 28, 2009

Hanami Party!

It is time for Sakura (cherry) blossoms in Japan. When Sakura is out, everything is pink around Sakura trees and it is just gorgeous.


Since it was still the end of March (or maybe it is slower this year) blossoms are still not all the way out. Actually it just started a little bit. But we had Hanami party anyways.


One of my good friends from Yokohama always invites us to Hanami party. Unfortunately it rained last year and Hanami was canceled. But we had a nice gorgeous day this year and we certainly enjoyed it! We packed lunch and had picnic there. Girls had so much fun running around, climbing up on a tree and picking flowers!


This is Daddy's little joke. Just letting you know that it is not a child abuse. Julia loved it and she was laughing so hard the whole entire time. Daddy tried to get her down but she didn't want to get down.


Mar 21, 2009

Iwaki Aquarium

The 2nd day, we got together with Shohei's family and went to Aquamarine Fukushima in Iwaki. It was so much fun and kids loved it! Shohei's little girl, Yua, was really cute and got along with our kids very well.

Julia was happy being with a big fish.

Ellie and seal. (Seal was too fast...)

Julia found her new Mom. Her real Mom was a little bit sad but really happy that she could be alone!

Noah was a good boy in the stroller. But he cried huge after Aquarium (right when we were about to eat.)

After aquarium, we walked around pier. Ellie was so excited to see the big fishing boat.


We had fresh fish Sushi meal for lunch! It was wonderful. After that, we went back to Fukushima and soaked in hot spring. Wonderful! We had a fun happy day!


Mar 20, 2009

Snow Play

3 day weekend here in Japan, and we decided to go up in Fukushima to see Mike's college buddy, Shohei.


First day, we passed Fukushima and went to Alts Bandai Ski Resort. This is one of our favorite resorts. Snow is great and there is a daycare facility where kids can have fun while parents are having fun. Unfortunately we could not get there this year since Noah was not old enough (they take kids from 6 months.) So, we decided to just stop by and have kids play in the snow.


Well, we definitely expected more snow, but there are hardly any. I guess there were several nice warm days before we got here and snow had melted. Bummer. But since we came all the way, we decided to play a little in the snow.

ところがなんと着いてびっくり。雪がほとんどない!!ま、ここ数日暖かい日が続いたから、溶けてしまった模様。残念…。でも、せっかく来たので、ちょっとだけ遊んできました。Ellie had a lot of fun sledding. Julia was more on making snow man. They were cold and were done in 1 hour, but they certainly enjoyed.



Mar 17, 2009

Ellie and Ballet

We are starting to investigate what Ellie likes to do. She tells me that she wants to take Ballet lesson and dance like June (from "Little Einsteins")So we went our for Ellie's ballet trial.


What is important to Ellie is not what she does but how she looks. She needed to look like her other ballet friends. So, we had to go get her ballet leotard nearby our house. I tried to talk to her into getting a simple pink one, but she was so set for this "green pretty one".


エリが気に入ったのは、エメラルド色のレオタード。「ピンクの方がかわいいんじゃない?」というマミーの声も無視。「これがいいのっ!!」ダディいわく、この頑固さはマミー似らしいです。She had to put it on right away. Julia was so jealous and she needed to look like her sister, so I just put her in the ones that we had at home. It is way too big (I sawed it smaller but length is too long) but she loved it. So I guess it's ok.



Mar 7, 2009

Julia and Lotion

The fiasco happened when we were at the Reid's house watching a movie. The girls were upstairs playing with Addi and her toys. At least this is what we thought, but certainly Julia found something more interesting when she went into Tami's bathroom to look around. She decided that her face was too dry and needed a couple heavy layers of lotion. So this is what she did.


Sorry, Tami.

Anpanman Museum

Does anyone know the character named "Anpanman"? Even it doesn't sound familiar to you, you will probably recognize it if you live in Japan. It is afamous cartoon character.There is a place called "Anpanman Museum." Mike and I just come across information that such place existed in Yokohama. We were just talking, when Ellie jumped right into our conversation, "Anpanman? I wanna go!!" I said, "maybe if you are good, Daddy will take you on Saturday." I don't think she heard the first part. On Saturday morning, she jumped up from the bed and asked me "Anpanman today!?" So, here we are, at the Anpanman museum.



Girls were unbelievably excited. They were running around playing with everything.


Parents were also amazed of how well they created the museum setting. It was build very compact, but full of things for little kids to play with. Each section was small and easy for parents to find their own kids. It was mainly characters, but also a little educational. Little kids can learn how vegetables grow, how to cook, etc. by playing. I was amazed of how well it was done. I really liked it and I would love to go back again with kids.
Ellie became a sushi chef and tried working at an ice cream store. Very interesting combination, but she loved it.

Julia wanted to play more with a puppy and a log. She didn't want to stop playing even when we noticed that she was getting tired.

Another thing that amazed me was the bakery at the park. They made most of the characters in pastry bread. They were all beautifully done.

I thought this park was built really well. It was a mini Disneyland setting, but entrance free (museum was 1000 yen but rest are all free to walk in.) I think items sold there were in a high price range but same in Disneyland. I saw some people bringing their own lunches and just enjoying atmosphere. Overall, I liked it a lot and I would love to go back there.


Mar 6, 2009

Noah 4 months!

Noah is 4 months and he is growing like a weed (expression by Daddy.) He is already out of medium size diapers and now is in large size. He had a check-up on Monday and he weighs 8kg. Huge!


He smiles and giggles now. My favorite is when girls and Noah are all in the tubby, girls giggle and Noah replies back with a giggle. I think that they all are the cutest!


The girls love him and he seems to loves them back.


Mar 3, 2009


March 3rd. Hinamatsuri Girls day. We have 2 girls in our family and we always celebrate Hinamatsuri.


Ellie and Julia made her own dolls. Ellie made them out of juice bottles. Obviously Julia got a lot of help since it looks decent.

Traditional Girls' Day cuisine is Chirashizushi. This is also our traditional March 3rd meal. I very much want to put bunch other sashimi in, but Ellie is allergic to Ikura (salmon eggs). So This is as much as I can do.