Nov 26, 2009


Thanksgiving this year, we invited Ellie's school friends to our house for dinner. They were Japanese and they didn't know what Thanksgiving is all about, so it was fun introducing our tradition.


This year, Haruyo got 17lb turkey for her birthday gift! (Thanks, Jennifer!!!) We cooked it with the recipe "Perfect Turkey" from Martha and it turned out pretty good. Our guests had never seen turkey that big, so they were so thrilled.

今年は、お友達のジェニファーから、お誕生日プレゼントに、と9kgの七面鳥をいただき(ありがとう!)、今回はマーサ・スチュワートのレシピを使ってローストしてみました。手間はかかりましたが、なかなか上手に焼け、大満足です。This is the whole table with other dishes. We certainly enjoyed our meal and had a great time with our friendship. We are thankful for all we have!


Nov 19, 2009

Sad litte birthday cake, lots of love


Haruyo's Birthday Cake. I know that it looks like blue berry muffins, but that is what her husband was able to make. Haruyo's husband is extremely happy that Haruyo is his wife and mother of their 3 beautiful children. Hauryo did get a new bicycle for her birthday.
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Nov 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, NOAH!!


Noah is 1 year old now!


Mommy made a special rubber ducky cake for him. (Thank you Linsey! It didn't look as good as yours, but it turned out okay.)


土台: フルーツカスタード入りスポンジケーキ
枠組みの木: ココアで色付けしたシュガークッキー
石鹸: フォンダンコーティングクッキー
あひる: Sassyソフトラバーダッキー
泡: 色付けクリーム


Noah, we love you soooo much! We are so glad that you joined in our family. Your smile really make us all happy. Thank you for joining in our family!!

Nov 5, 2009

Noah in His Captain Chair

Noah is almost 1 year old. His recent favorite spot is to climb up in his captain chair... We'll have to get a child lock for this drawer very soon. Until then, he can enjoy being in his captain chair.