Sep 26, 2010

Ellie's School Undokai (Sports Fest)

Ellie's school Undokai (Sports Fest). It was such a gorgeous day!


Ellie ran race, relay, and danced very well. She had a lot of fun!

There was a fun race for Noah and Julia. They also had a fun time there too.


Sep 22, 2010

Neighborhood Matsuri

Our neighborhood Matsuri, Hatsudai Awa Odori Matsuri!

This year, we decided to be part of Matsuri dancers. Kids went to practice sessions and learned how to Matsuri dance properly. Mike also decided to be part of the dancers. (I decided to just watch these people and maybe I'll join in next year.) They all had a matching costume to dance.

Our wonderful friend, Bezzant family joined us for Matsuri dance. Makayla, Sabrina, and Matthew were great Matsuri dancers!

We had such a fun time at Matsuri!


Unfortunately the 2nd day was pouring rain and we were not able to dance. But we had a great picture taken and were able to receive a calendar for next year! It was so much fun and we are definitely planning on doing it next year!


Sep 10, 2010

School Field Trip - Nashi Picking

Ellie had a school field trip and she went to pick Nashi (Asian pear).

For those of you who had never tasted Asian pears (I guess the official name is Pyrus pyrifolia), you guys are missing out!! They come around this season and are so juicy and taste soooo good. You could get them in US, but definitely not as good as the ones in Asia.

Ellie went to the Nashi field and picked the fresh one. They were soooooo good! (I was a helper for teachers and went along. So I took advantage of it and bought a bunch there.)

After Nashi picking, they went to the park for lunch and played. Ellie had a lot of fun with her friends.


Sep 4, 2010

Julia's Cooking Lesson

Julia tried a cooking lesson. It is called Sachiko Murakami Mini Chef Club and is targeted for 3 year old kids. They keep the group very small and only 6 kids can get in, so I was thinking it would be lucky for Julia to get in, and she did! So Julia and I went for cooking lesson 3 times on the month of September.


First lesson was bread making. Julia made bread from scratch. She kneaded the dough, then she shaped, and put hamburger on top and made a open hamburger.

She made everything by herself (with help of course) and it tasted soooo good!!


She made salad too. It was a simple salad, but she LOVED it! She taught Ellie how to do this salad and girls made this salad quite often for dinner now! Mommy is so happy that girls help cooking!!

From the leftover bread dough, we made doughnut also. I think JuJu liked this one the most.

2nd lesson was Japanese dish. JuJu cooked fish, Miso soup, and Onigiri (rice ball.)


Start out was a fish. Of course they got help from the teacher on removing scale and cutting. But once fish was cut up, JuJu added spice and cooked it.

Decorating broccoli on top, fish was nicely done.

Julia also made Onigiri (rice ball). She had fun doing this one.

Miso soup was added and great Japanese Obento was nicely done! This is JuJu's first Bento that she made.

Of course it tasted so awesome!!

3rd lesson was pasta. Julia cooked spagetti and made meat sauce with mushroom.

To go along with pasta, she also made potato salad. Julia makes this salad also for dinner.

At the last lesson, Julia got a certification for being a good mini-chief!

What is so amazing about this lesson is that KAGOME (tomato product manufacturer) is the sponsor for this lesson, so every lesson we go, we get some Kagome product. We only paid 3,000 yen ($30) for the all 3 lessons, but the gift we receive every time was worth more than what we paid for. For example, this is the gift we received one time. The total price for all items are about 2,000 yen which is more than one time lesson fee. I also got 2 tappawears for free on the first lesson. What a deal!!

The lesson was wonderful! After the lesson, Julia always wants to help Mommy when she is cooking. It is a great change that I saw right away. Mommy wanted Julia to continue this lesson but unfortunately there were only 3 series offered. I wish I knew about this when Ellie was 3. I will keep checking this event and we'll put Noah in when he turns 3.


Sep 1, 2010

Sewing Project - Again!

For those of you who know me, I don't sew. But I did it again! I made Julia's apron, cooking hat, and its bag.

Well, you sewers know this is not a hard stuff and not a big deal to you, but to me, it was a big project because this time I did it without my dear friend Heather's help! (Well, technically she helped because she taught me last time what to do, so I applied all her tips.)

And you know what? I'm so proud of myself!!